Monday, August 16, 2010

My life would never be the same without you . V

Dearest V , i'm sorry if i hurt you or make you cry. Before we get together i always thought that everything will go smoothly as our love for each other are unbreakable , never did i knew you did things behind my back and lied to me from the very start.The last thing i would ever wanna belive is you of all people would hurt me and lie to me. I couldnt trust you or that person , so i broke off . I guess we two should have a break . I regreted by getting into a r/s with a girl , i thought i could use her to help me forget about the incident. But i guess i was wrong , i couldnt. Even though im with her , im always thinking about you , sleepless night , no appeitite to eat.Thinking about the times when im at your house watching movie till we fall alsleep , having you hugging me everynight , having dinner and lunch everyday, never fail to make each other happy after every arguements , buying hamsters and name them after our names and much, Everything i do just reminds me of you. You make me feel whole , you make me complete , without you , things just isnt right. It's true and i belive , i have finally fall in love with a girl which i really love so so much . Broken up with her and get into another relationship , i'm just not me by doing that , getting into a relationship one after another. I don't expect you to love me , i just hope you would forgive me and not cry or do silly things to yourself. Your 18 already , you should think about your life and care for yourself before caring and loving others. Your mum and dad care's for you the most as your their only daughter . Don't always find faults with them. Alright? (L)
And i got together with felin , it's because i wanna see if you still care about me , whether you still love me. I know i did a stupid thing that hurt you deeply. I hope you would forgive me . In the past , you always lied to me in the past , i wanted to break with you , but i kept telling myself that your a girl who i see a future with , your special to me . Whenever we kiss , whenever we held each other hands , all i could ever feel was happiness. After knowing you cried when me and felin got together , i called felin and told to cancle of the thing . You said your feelings fade and you need time , when would the time come when i'll be able to hear you say you love me , will be able to feel your hugs and kisses again. Things will never be the same without you. I missed you so much . Faster come back would you? I need you.

I ♥ You Veronica Wong Xiao Tong.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hi peeps , im here to blog again.
Been lazy to blog the past few months.

Wake up in the morning and rush to college as usual , spent a whole fucking day in college studying. So tiring. Studied till 7.30pm and headed home to change and bath and rush to chee wei's birthday celebration. Ate @ Kim gary , than headed to watch "Night mare on elm street" boring movie .

Headed back to carpark , and couldnt find my friends car and he was kinda worried sick , at last we just realise we were on the wrong floor car park. In the end we found the car but we lost the parking ticket , so gotta pay 20 bucks. Birthday boy had a bad day. :(

Headed home and got scolded by dad just because i wanna use the computer. What the fuck is wrong with you guys , i din't use the com for the whole day , studied my ass out in school . Come home and this is what i get? FUCK YOU.

& To priscilla , is not that i dont care about you or anything , but i gave you chances and u dint take it seriously , i had enough already. Being take advantage all the time. Im sorry but i think it would never work out for us if your attitude is like that. Please don't hurt yourself anymore or take drugs that will harm you. I'll feel sad. Please stop.

Goodnight guys. LOVE YA!
Pictures from cheewei birthday.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hey ***** whats wrong with your fucking attitude? It's just a fucking game. Don't get so sensitive about it. Your 20 years old , you should be more mature than that. I do hope you come pass my blog , please wake up. Your not a kid , stop acting like one.


Sunday, February 21, 2010


Last night , talk to pineapple on the phone till 4+ . Headead to bed , woke up at 8 . So freaking tired i swear. Went to shower and change , than waited for Nicholas to pick me up. The car was so squeezy ! 6 people in 1 car.

Reach church @ 9.10 ,Svc ended at 11. Headed with cell group members to asia cafe to have lunch than back home. WEBCAM WITH PINEAPPLE ! She's so cute , have to make her hair and change her clothes before webcamming. HAHA . Webcam session with pineapple till 5.30 than went out to have dinner with cg. LO HEI. We had a church cg reunion dinner together. Had coconut curry for dinner. It was simply scrumptious. Okay , ate finish , and headed home to webcam with pineapple. :D

Reach home and now webcamming with pineapple again. :B

Going to turn in soon. Goodnight & Sweet dreams. <: TIRING DAY , BORING POST.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pheew! :D

Finally done with Blogger! -.-"
Done it with the help of VICKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Special thanks to her! :D
really really appreciate everything that you have done! (:

Damn! it took me very long to do this & that!
lucky with the help of VICKI, everything was done in 15mins!!
how great is she yeah?!
uh whatever, it's done and it's good and i love it! (: